Rascally Cans!


Rascals Brewing Company are the latest to hop on the new wave of Irish Craft Beer in cans. I’ve written about all of the three they’ve launched before when I was lucky enough to find them on draught. But, sure, no harm to reiterate that they’re all quality beers. The Big Hop Red is an appropriate one for the time of year when images of big men in red suits are still hanging around.


Ginger Porter is another lovely warm, spicy beer, you could be forgiven for thinking it was stronger than 4.8%, there’s a lot of bang for your buck. Speaking of which, at €2.60 these are serious value.


And last but not least, Yankee White IPA is delicious. Three really strong beers, nice one Cathal and Emma Rascal. Pick up a few for your New Year’s Eve party. Sláinte!  

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10 Responses to Rascally Cans!

  1. Calling a beer a Yankee IPA does this mean it’s a pretty bitter IPA?

  2. simon682 says:

    I was never keen on beer from cans but now wonder if this was because of the quality of the beer rather than anything intrinsic about the tin. These certainly look very drinkable.

  3. Oskar Blues Ten Fiddy is probably in my to 5 all time Imperial Stouts and its only canned.

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