Rye River Kickstarter


Rye River are to launch a Kickstarter tomorrow, Monday the 21st of March. They aim to raise €100,000 which will form part of a €7 million investment plan to delevlop the brewery and build a visitor centre in Celbridge. This project will also see a new Tap Room and a Pilot Plant. They are planning to increase their capacity to accommodate the demand for their beers here at home and in Europe, North America and in Asia. It’ll be interesting to see what this Kickstarter looks like. I am curious as to why they are going down this route. I would have thought it was more for smaller businesses just starting out. We’ll know more tomorrow.
By the way, if you like the coasters pictured they are not an officially licensed product but are in fact the handiwork of Paul Lowe. You can check him out:

Maybe someday he’ll be doing his own Kickstarter. Sláinte!


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