Dancing with Lunasa

Lughnasa is an old pagan festival that celebrated the Sun God Lugh. Lunasa is the name of Jack Cody’s Summer Saison. Jack Cody’s sent me down a sample to review, with a hand written letter from the main man Geoff accompanying it. You can’t beat a personal touch. 

I popped it open last night just before the sun went down. It looked the part, a very pleasing shade of amber. The aroma was on point too, Geoff had mentioned the special French yeast in his letter and that distinctive smell was there. The taste was earthy with some must coming through. A nicely made beer, very drinkable, fruity with some sherbert. I have to say I was impressed and am looking forward to having this one again. Sláinte!

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  1. The beer sounds tasty but I have to say I would have given the beer a chance anyways if I found it on the shelf. I love the logo!

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