Going Wild in the city!

Last Thursday evening there was a Wild Beer event in 57 The Headline bar. I was invited to head along by Paul from the Carlow Brewing Company who import and distribute Wild Beer in Ireland. Brewer Bill and Mad Scientist Nick from Rye River Brewing accompanied me there. There were several Wild Beer taps to choose from but I went for Nebula first. It was a hazy juicy IPA and it went down a treat. Perfect for the balmy summer evening that was in it.

Next I tried Sleeping Lemons Export, it’s a Gøse brewed with preserved lemons. I would love to try this one with a meringue head!

Three bottles of Wild Beer

After that there was a tasting with Giles from Wild Beer. The throng of beer fans was broken into smaller groups who assembled in the wee back room of The Headline.

Giles gave us some of the background of Wild Beer and explained their ethos. They produce a range of forty five beers and the one they started with was Modus Operandi, a blended sour. He told us that they made beers which provoke quite different reactions and said that no one would like all of their range. So, a bit like that famous contrarian Neil Young then. He was very frank and engaging. He also gave us a taste of Jambo, a Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Stout. This beer was gorgeous in it’s own right and then 57 main man Geoff appeared with a plate of truffles made with Millionaire Stout. It was beer pairing heaven.

Staying with stouts I had a glass of Millionaire, the Salted Caramel Milk Stout after the tasting. Sadly the truffles were all scoffed by then and I couldn’t try the pair together.

Wild beer in 57 The Headline bar

I saved a big one til last, there was only one keg of Wildebeest in Ireland. This 11% Imperial Stout was like a boozy mocha milkshake. I asked Geoff for a cheeseboard and I have to say that I loved the blue cheese with it. It was a top notch event, fair play to all involved. I thought the pricing was decent at €4 for a glass all of the Wild Beers. And it was great to meet up with some of my friends in the beer scene again. If you weren’t there you missed out but you will be able to find some of the Wild Beer range in good off licences. Sláinte!

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