Three breweries, four days…

Sunday was Father’s Day so the whole family went to Explorium to torture me upon a bed of nails and make me dizzy in the gravity room. After all of that exertion I was in want of a pint so we stopped off at Rascal’s HQ on our way home. I called for a Born Sippy Lager to start with…this one could really be called Born Gulpy but that’d kill the pun…it was very easy to drink.

The pizza was much better than the hacked up badly filtered picture would lead you to believe.

And I was delighted to have The Boss for dessert. This 8.2% DIPA was brewed with the YellowBelly crew and it ticks all of the boxes! My only regret was missing Joe Donnelly on the wheels of steel the night before to mark the launch of the beer. I would’ve worn one of my Joy Division t-shirts. Also, I didn’t realise how accessible the place is, so, I have no excuse not to visit again…

The following day, myself and brewer Bill headed to Lock 13 for lunch. We were able to sample the collaborative brew, Dean from Rye River joined them recently and the resulting beer: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beerholder is being canned this week. Keep an eye out for the cans! It’s always great to catch up with Barry, Serge and Rob and you’re guaranteed great food…

On Wednesday morning I was supposed to be a yeast mule but that didn’t pan out. I was very happy though to get a quick look at Ballymahon’s Wide Street Brewing. I found Sean, Dave and Carla busy canning their second beer, a Grisette, by hand! Long time readers of this blog may remember the time Dave accompanied me on a few brewery tours…little did he know what was coming down the line! In fact, we visited St. Mel’s almost five years ago, link

In an coincidental move The Beer Nut has already published a blog with some of the beers mentioned. If you want to read more words you can do so here!

It’s great to see so many new beers coming out, make sure and try a few of them. Sláinte!

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    Cheers for the shout-out! You’re much nicer than your facial expression above suggests.

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