The Big Weekend

So…The Big Grill happened. And I was there, every day. Luckily Shane from Dot was also there and he had just the thing to get a lad ready for a festival action. Stout, coffee and ice cream, that’s three of the main food groups, right?

At the end of day one I went to pay my first, long overdue, visit to The Big Romance. There were some beers on from Jackie O and Other Half, and it was a Velvet Underground night so I was happy out.

Day two and myself and Peter were behind the Rye River bar pulling those lovely McGargles beers…and the Rye River Seasonal – Jigsaw DDH IPL which went down really well.

Friday evening I went to Blackbird, Rathmines for a post shift pint. Oisin was behind the bar and we got chatting and he told me about An Irish Impeachment. He was one of a lucky few who were able to go to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp. The resulting beer was very tasty and I recommend trying it before it’s all gone! Shout out to Johnny too, sound crew in Blackbird.

On Saturday we poured Marcos’ Basil Belgian Witbier from our pilot kit. It was pleasingly dry and savoury.

My neighbours for the weekend were Black Donkey and their Bog Fire smoked Saison was excellent.

Black’s Chocolate Napalm Chilli Stout delivered exactly what was promised on the tap badge with velvety sweetness up front and a burning ticklish afterglow.

Wicklow Wolf’s Fuzzy Logic was quite good and the first batch of Elevation from their new brewery was on form.

Dan Kelly’s love bringing something different to The Big Grill and their American Pie ticked all of the boxes, Blueberry and Bourbon made this one a perfect dessert cider.

And I made the mistake of calling Kinnegar’s Little Rickey Little Mickey! Actually, I wonder why no one has ever called a beer Little Mickey? This one was a nicely refreshing Lime and Basil sour anyway, whatever you want to call it.

Sunday came and Steve’s Smoked Porter came with it…

This one went down a treat with the meaty morsels and smokey smells of barbeque that were in the air.

And for something completely different I tried some of Kinsale’s Hazy Summer Mead. I enjoyed this and the next time I’m in Kinsale I will be paying them a visit to try their special that’s made with local honey.

Brand new Rye River Seasonal The Knot DDH IPA also made the first public appearance over the weekend. I think it was tasting whopper but I’m very biased! Keep an eye out for this one…

And thus finished a long but enjoyable weekend at The Big Grill, I’m only the better of it now. Sláinte!

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