Craft Beer Days 2019

Do you remember the last time I was in Hamburg? Well I do! And when the boss asked if I’d be willing to go to Craft Beer Days again I didn’t hesitate before agreeing…

This time though I planned the trip a little better, arriving a day early to check out a few places other than the fantastic Altes Mädchen. My first stop was Galopper Des Jahres which was only a ten minute walk from the main event. My first beer was an IPL – Prototyp, from local brewery Kehrwieder. Nice pub, decent beer, I was off to a good start.

And then to Altes Mädchen for the pre festival warm up. I really liked their New Era Dry Hopped Pilsener and White IPA Matrosenschluck. Despite the difficulty in ordering it!

Later that evening myself and my new pal Funs went to check out ÜberQuell near the docks. I went with their SupaDupa IPA and Funs had their Wheat IPA. This was a grand spot that I’d say would have been hopping if we hadn’t gone in ten minutes before closing time. Then we rejoined the group in the rather appropriately named Tipsy Baker.

The next day Peter and I were stationed behind the bar with several McGargles beers pouring. Francis Big Bangin’ IPA was particularly well received and we were kept busy! (Above picture taken by Henning Angerer)

I was told about Schoppe Bräu’s Holy Shit 15% IPA and in the interest of research I had to try it. It was very bitter and had a bit of a burning aftertaste. Great craic altogether.

Nicky from Munich’s And Union (Moycullen, Co. Galway originally), Funs from La Trappe and I honestly didn’t share beard care tips.

The next day I started off sensibly with BrewDog’s newish Punk AF. Clever name aside; I didn’t fall in love with it.

And Union’s Steph Weiss tasted lovely on what was turning out to be a warm (31c) sunny Sunday.

I tried a few of Sudden Death’s beers over the weekend, including the very enjoyable Sour IPA Skull Crusher. Great bunch of lads with very cool artwork.

La Trappe’s Barrel Aged Quadruple was beautiful. Pick up a bottle if you see it.

And that was just about it, bar clearing up and some post festival beers and food. It has to be said the food in Altes Mädchen is consistently great and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Craft Beer Days was a great, well run event, thanks to Volker and Berit for inviting us…who knows, I could be back soon. Sláinte!

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  1. Funs says:

    It was a great weekend!

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