Stout Special

O’Hara’s Nitro Stout

O’Hara’s have broken new ground as the first Irish craft brewery to can their stout with a widget. This results in a wonderfully smooth stout. Great job.

Hope’s Nitro Stout

In the interest of balance I also picked up Hope’s Nitro Stout. This one didn’t have a widget. I poured it hard into the glass but it didn’t settle like a nitro beer. As a stout it was grand but there was very little to indicate that it was a ‘nitro’.

Ballykilcavan’s Walnut Whip Stout

The fourth in Ballykilcavan’s Clancy’s Cans series is a Walnut Whip Stout. This is a lovely sweet dessert beer. Nice work from their new Head Brewer Joe O’Driscoll.

O’Hara’s Double Barrel Aged Leann Follain

To finish I had one of the newly released Double Barrel Aged Leann Follain Stouts. This had no carbonation at all. It wasn’t bad but I’m not sure that the extra time in the barrels improved the beer. That said, I’m glad to have tried it. Perhaps you could pick up some of these beers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Sláinte!

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