Good Off Licences

I keep getting asked where I pick up the beers I have at home so here you all go, you’re most welcome!

* O’Brien’s is my local supplier, there is almost certainly one near you if you live in Ireland. The lads and lady in Athlone are very helpful and always let me know when something new hits the shelves.

* McCambridge’s on Galway’s Shop Street has a pair of fridges at the back of their fine shop, those fridges contain many treasures.

* The Winehouse in Trim, Co Meath is my most recent find. Again go to the back of the shop where you’ll find beer Nirvana hidden in a special room.

* Deveney’s in Dundrum have a great selection of beer and they know their stuff.

* claim to have one of the biggest selections of beer in the country, I’ve only ordered online and spoken with them on the phone and am a satisfied customer. (obviously)

* McHugh’s were the first people I ordered from online and it was a painless operation, excellent selection of beers!

* The Old Stand, Mullingar is a small off licence adjacent to the pub of the same name, good selection, friendly staff.

*Bradley’s, Cork,very personable, unbelevievable selection & they deliver!

*Egan’s, Portlaoise, friendly and helpful, nice selection of Irish and international beers

* Holland’s, Bray. I’ve visited this place a few times over the last year and a half, their Beer selection keeps getting better. The service is excellent, Jay, the manager is one knowledgeable gentleman. You can bring beer ( or wine) from the Off Licence  through to the bar to have with your food, you can get your growler filled and the lads make a great 3fe coffee! This blog was from my first visit.

Beer in Bray: Holland’s


I may add to this list and suggestions are welcome!

9 Responses to Good Off Licences

  1. Suggest Bradleys in Cork ….. Michael is hugely obliging & gets stuff up this neck of the woods PDQ ….. I buy a fair whack of my beers from him these days

  2. Keith Allen says:

    Try these guys out Simon, and give the ‘Donegal Blonde’ a go while you’re there!

  3. David oneill says:

    Egan’s in portlaoise

  4. Ash says:

    Baggot Street Wines is amazing for beers AND they just installed a growler station!!!

  5. Paul lowe says:

    Hollands in bray

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