Erdinger Oktoberfest

Erdinger Oktoberfest

So, it’s almost October, so what could be more seasonal than this fine weissbier? This is not as cloudy as most wheat beers, it has a nicely balanced taste and is very refreshing. You could drink quite a few of these and thanks to those famous German purity laws not feel too bad in the morning! (always remember though quality trumps quantity!)

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  2. Sean "pedant" Kelly says:

    Oktoberfestbiers are Marzen’s, not heffe’s.
    Eirdinger just released an “oktoberfest weissen” to try and pimp more heffe (a summer beer) during the winter.

    I’m not a fan of eirdinger. :-/

  3. Sean "sad panda" Kelly. says:

    Wheatbeer makes my tummy owie. I got sad when I went to a oktoberfect thing and all they sold was Fischers and Eirdinger.
    I haven’t let it go yet.

    I <3 marzens, one of the few styles of lagers I actually enjoy.

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