Number 1 with a bullet


Last night I had the pleasure of visiting Number 1 in Mullingar which boasts not only your usual suspects on draft but also some Irish craft beers and em, Blue Moon. First up I had a Bo Bristle which as I have mentioned before is brewed in Banagher, Co. Offaly. I really enjoyed this beer the first time I had it but it seemed a little insipid last night for some reason. Then I had a bottle of St Austell’s Proper Job which is a very drinkable IPA. I saved the best til last though and finished the night off with Trouble Brewing’s Or Golden Ale. (There should be a fada on top of the ‘O’)


The glass bears the legend ‘Spare a thought for all of those who wish they were holding this glass right now.’ This is a beautifully balanced Ale which would be great for a session. The reason for my visit was a show by Duke Special who was on the final night of his tour playing the songs of Harry Nilsson. As a special treat myself and my friends were asked to accompany him on percussion for ‘Coconut’, a song you may remember from the Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack. And we didn’t ruin it! So if you’re out in Mullingar head in to Number 1 for some Or and maybe a few tunes!

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