Bittersweet Symphony


Loose Cannon Brewery is a relatively new operation based in Abingdon, England. They seem to be trying to resurrect a brewing tradition in the area. Their Blonde Bombshell is a summer seasonal special, but she still tastes good as winter draws in. It is golden in colour and has a distinctive citrussy taste. There’s a definite dry grapefruit taste in my mouth after drinking it, which only makes me thirsty for more. I would recommend this any time of year.

Abingdon Bridge is the Blonde Bombshell’s big brother. He’s darker and a bitter. There’s a nigh perfect balance of hoppiness and maltiness. I would very much like to try this on cask but I’d need to travel a bit to realise that desire.
The one thing that worries me about these beers is that the ingredients listed are water, hops, malted barley and yeast yet it’s unsuitable for vegans. Have vegans stopped consuming yeast? I know that several beers use fish swim bladders to make their beers clearer but the breweries don’t even normally admit to that as it doesn’t stay in the beer. That said I still drank both of them!

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