Full bloated feeling? Have a beer!


After a LARGE meal the other day, yeah, you know the one I’m talking about, I wanted a beer that would refresh me. I said I would try one of the IPAs from the hamper that magically appeared under the tree. Williams Brothers Joker IPA promised to be ‘wickedly hoppy’, so  I reckoned it would be a safe bet. Nope. It’s a decent beer that I would be happy to drink on a session but it lacked the bitterness I needed right then.

Back to the proberbial drawing board then, I popped open a bottle of Brew Dog’s Hello My Name is Mette Marit. This is a double IPA with three different kinds of hops and Norwegian ligonberries. This ticked all of the boxes for me. The citra hops gave it a crisp bite and the berries brought something new to the table. Highly recommended, especially if you need something to revive those taste buds. 

Another inevitable consequence of large turkey and ham dinners is loads of leftovers. My ever resourceful wife made a delicious pie with leeks, a creamy sauce and the ubiquitous turkey and ham. I chose an Imperial Red Ale from Wychwood as an accompaniment. It is a nicely balanced beer and worked very well with the food. Red Ales can be a little bland at times but this one really hits the spot. I will be certain to seek this beer out again.

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