Is it a beer or is it a chocolate pudding?


I wouldn’t call myself a fan of sweeter beers. Vitesse Noir is an Imperial Stout from Hardknott and it could change my preconceptions. This beer is inky black with a thin brownish head. It smells like good strong coffee. In contrast to the Coisbo Imperial Stout though this one is a far sweeter brew. It tends more to the mocha end of the coffee spectrum. Rich, smooth and creamy it went down a treat. At 11% you’ll only need the one and take your time with it…

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  1. simon682 says:

    I always knew that one day I would leave the top on the bottle. Your blog gives me a way of continuing to enjoy the thought of the good things about brewing without having to do the drinking myself. You have good taste and write well on the subject.

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