A Rogue Beer Trilogy: Parte One


Beer supplies are running dangerously low at Simon Says Towers. I am going to stretch the next three posts out a little bit instead of one long post. Any complaints down the back? Take a number!
O’Brien’s generally has a few Rogues in stock and I can’t believe I’ve only written about their chocolate beer here. I had to check to be sure. The first one I sampled this time around was their American Amber. The beer is amber in colour as you would expect. I think it is one of the more perfectly balanced beers I have drank. The hops and malt work exceptionally well together. It’s the  Baby Bear’s porridge of beer; just right!
In case any of you are worried that I might die of thirst, fear not, an order is on it’s way and in the mean time I have a lot of home brew on standby. You may remember this brew from a few weeks back. It’s a standard red but the longer I leave it the better it gets.


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