First Barbecue of 2014


Barbecue was late starting in our back garden this year. It got off to a good start though with some delicious homemade pork burgers. I had a White Gypsy American Pale Ale with it. The hoppy beer worked well for me, it’s a fantastic example of a Pale Ale. I don’t get to have White Gypsy’s beers all that often, but I do enjoy them. This bottle was purchased in Kilkenny’s Wine Centre.


The Cider Correspondent had one of the Highbank Driver’s Ciders she picked up at the Sheridan’s Food Festival last weekend. She declared it lovely and she wasn’t even driving. Highbank’s cider is organic, gluten free and vegan friendly. It certainly looks more grown up than certain other carbonated apple drinks. It’s early days for them and it’s not very widely distributed yet but you can order it direct from their website.
One worth keeping an eye out for. We finished up with Jamie Oliver’s Eton Mess with a splash of Pimms.


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