Two from Thornbridge


Thornbridge’s Colorado Red was born out of a collaboration with the Odell Brewing Company. It’s made with a lot of English hops: Admiral, Bramling Cross, Phoenix, Pilgrim and First Gold. I haven’t even heard of half of those myself. So it’s a proper English Ale with some American perspective thrown in for good measure. More importantly though, how does it taste? Impressive. Proper. A very flavourful ale.


Otto is a more Germanic beast. It’s a Weizen Doppelbock. The minute I popped the cap off it was as if I’d stuck my face into a jar of those banana shaped sweets you sometimes get in pick and mix. Thankfully the taste is not sickeningly sweet and the result is a complex yet balanced brew which includes cloves and a touch of spice. For all that the Colorado Red is the one I’d reach for again!

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  1. simon682 says:

    I think Thornbridge is brewed near here. I once had thoughts of becoming a brewer. I haven’t entirely dismissed the idea.

    • I believe it started out at least in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall which is enough of an excuse for you to go exploring and taking pictures & you never know what’ll happen after that 🙂

      • simon682 says:

        I remember buying a couple of bottles at a food fair at Bolsover Castle and enjoying them very much. They were a pretty small concern back then but knew how to put some flavour into the beer.

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