Hargadon’s & Furey’s, Sligo


Hargadon’s in Sligo had been recommended to me so I said we’d stop in on our way back from Donegal. It was late in the day so even after our massive breakfast in Rathmullan House it was time to refuel. The place was wedged with a jazz band in full swing just inside the front door. Sligo was hosting a jazz festival over the weekend. We were given a table at the back of the pub as soon as one became free. They had a nice selection of Irish craft beers, unfortunately my nature means that I had to order the one beer I hadn’t had before, a Belgian lager called Heverlee. It was fairly bland, so the message here is, buy Irish! 


I had bangers and mash which was very filling and not bad value at a tenner. We noticed that we were sitting opposite The Bad Plus (modern jazz group) which gave a couple of us a bit of a kick. So if you’re looking for a lively spot check out Hargadon’s.


The next place on our itinerary was Furey’s, which also came recommended by Rick from Kinnegar. Paul was expecting us and gave us a warm welcome. It’s a much smaller pub but it had a lovely atmosphere. We concluded our Athlone Beer Club tour with a pair of Kinnegar’s beers and an Of Foam and Fury from Galway Bay Brewery.


I hope I’ll be able to return to Sligo sooner rather than later as I was very impressed by the pubs, I know there are a few more worth a visit but time wasn’t on our side, still our visit was sweet despite it’s brevity.

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  1. Damien says:

    Hi Simon, good choice in Hargadon’s…great pub. Definitely check out Thomas Connolly’s next time however; http://republichouse.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/thomas-connollys-sets-the-standard-for-sligo-town-pub-hoppin/

  2. or Shoot the Crows even!

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