Elbow’s Special Brew: two years beyond it’s best before date


The band Elbow enjoy their ale. In keeping with this they have commissioned beers to mark the releases of their most recent albums. My friend found a couple of bottles of ‘Build A Rocket Boys’ while tidying his garage and knowing that I’m fond of music and beer offered me one. The only caveat was that the beer was two years past it’s best before date and if I became violently ill or died he was accepting no responsibility! Well the good news is, I survived. The beer? It’s a golden ale or bitter if you prefer. I didn’t get any off odours from it and the first sips tasted alright. The hops had probably faded with age but I had nothing to compare it with. I did get a very slight metallic after taste. So, there you have it, beer best before dates are only recommendations for other people. Obviously this type of beer really should be drank as fresh as possible so I’m not recommending that you follow suit and I’m not taking any ownership of the side affects suffered from gone off beer!

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