The calm before the (beer) storm!


You may think I’m unusually quiet this weather but trust me, there’s loads of stuff bubbling under the surface. The blog will have it’s first anniversary on the 30th and what better way to mark it than an Athlone Beer Club meet up here in Moate. Above are just some of the beers Don has ordered in for us. The following day my friend Wayne the Irish Beer Snob is hosting his own beer festival in Smyth’s, Navan and I’m going to head up to that for a wee while. Also Saturday and Sunday my interview will air at 1pm on Athlone Community Radio on 88.4 fm or you can listen in online. Next week I’m planning on visiting a couple of breweries if they’ll have me! So stay tuned and Sláinte!

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  1. simon682 says:

    Looks like a more than promising week ahead.

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