Bru in P Egan’s, Moate


My drinking buddy John and I were out for our traditional Sunday night pints last night and we paid a visit to P Egan’s. I called for my usual in there, a pint of Franziskaner and then I spotted a trio of Meath brewery Bru’s beers in the fridge. I knew what my next order was going to be.


That’s right, a Ri, their IPA. Ri is the Irish word for a king and I’d say this beer would’ve gone down well at the High King’s table all of those years ago.    Except of course they had no hops back then! This one definitely has hops, it’s delicious!


The Bru Rua is another lovely beer, I know it’s a firm favourite of Mrs Janice Irish Beer Snob anyway. I bought one for our local representative Michael O’Brien who was drinking Smithwicks and he declared it ‘very nice’! It’s thirsty work debating the issues of the day. The other beer that they have in P Egan’s is the Lager, I happened to have one in the fridge at home and had it this evening to refresh my memory. Damn good lager it is as well, so between the three Bru beers there is something for most brew lovers. I checked the Lager into Untappd and got a badge, ‘Luck of the Irish’ level 43, that’s 215 different Irish beers. Isn’t it fantastic that in a few short years the Irish brewing industry has come so far? We now are spoilt for choice and long may it last. Sláinte!

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