Ten reasons why good beer is better than wine!


When I read The Wine Wankers Ten Reasons Why Wine Is Better Than Beer ( http://thewinewankers.com.au/2014/11/20/10-reasons-wine-is-better-than-beer/ ) I felt compelled to respond on behalf of beer! You may note that I’ve specified ‘Good Beer’ , I’ll take a nice glass of red in preference to a bad beer like Budweiser.
1) Beer does not stink. Bad beer might smell like cardboard but stick your nose into a glass of a great beer and your senses are assaulted in a good way with hop and malt aromas, a prime example being Eight Degrees Full Irish pictured above.
2) Beer doesn’t make you fat. There are as much if not more calories in wine as beer. This has been proven. Somewhere. I don’t count calories but if you do look it up… Now the fatty snacks you have after a few beers, well that’s a different story!
3) Beer pairs well with food, try a stout with some blue cheese. 
4) Beer has a broader range of styles. You can have red or white wine.  ( I know, I know I’m expecting some flak for that!) You can have lager, dark lager, kolsch, ale, pale ale, pilsner, IPA, stout, porter, imperial versions of some of the above, sours, saisons, barrel aged beers, I could go on…
5) Beer is cheaper. Even if I want a special beer like Brooklyn Black Ops I can get it for less than €30. Any half decent bottle of wine is the same price and if you want something a bit above average you have to dig deep.
6) Even the snobbiest beer snobs aren’t as snobby as wine snobs. ( That’s a lot of snobbery in one sentence) Obviously I wouldn’t include The Wine Wankers in that given their fun approach to the vine…
7) You can’t beat a cold lager on a warm Summer’s day.
8) You can’t beat a rich chocolate porter on a cold night sitting by the fire.
9) There are no hops in wine. I looooove hops!
10) There are no vineyards in Ireland (yet, climate change is not all bad! ) but there are plenty of breweries, so, in this country at least beer wins! Edit: The Beer Nut has informed me that there is one active vineyard at the moment, thanks for that!

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    There is a vineyard in north county Dublin, owned by David Llewellyn of Double L cider fame. It produces Lusca Irish wine. Longueville House in Co. Cork had a vineyard too until last year.

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