Bo Bristle’s Pilot Brew #1


I travelled the bumpy roads to Banagher this week to pick up what I thought was the last bottle of the Bo Bristle Milk Chocolate Stout. It smells delicious and has a rich mocha taste. My wife asked why I’d write about beer that none of you would be able to get. And the answer isn’t show off if you can believe that! I think these kind of pilot brews are a great way of road testing new recipes. If they work, great and if not, sure nothing ventured… You’ll be glad to hear that this one went down so well at last weekend’s Irish Beer Snob festival in Kavanagh’s, Portlaoise that they’ve decided to brew a full batch of it next week! And there’s more, the lads are planning on having a Pilot Brew #2 Extra Stout in our pubs in January. I can’t wait for 2015 to roll around. Sláinte!

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