An IPA from Brehon and a Pale Ale from Ska


Brehon Brewhouse is a new brewery in Killanny, Monaghan. They took the name for their Stony IPA from a Patrick Kavanagh poem which anyone who has been through the Irish education system will be very familiar with. It’s fairly lively poetry, you should look it up if you’re feeling upbeat. The beer? Well I’d much rather sup another of these than recite that poem ever again. It’s orangey in colour and there is a citrussy aroma to match. It’s easy enough to drink for a beer that clocks in at 6% with a pretty mellow sweetness to it. Worth trying.


Ska Brewing’s Euphoria Pale Ale is a seasonal special. Most breweries aim for the darker heavier end of the beer spectrum when they’re producing a special for the winter months but these lads have to be different. This is a hoppy as fuck American Pale Ale. It comes in one of their distinctively funky cans and smacks you in the nose the minute you break the seal on it. A worthy companion for Modus Hoperandi. Sláinte!

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