Athlone Beer Cup in Maguire’s: The Second Coming!


Around this time last year the first Athlone Beer Club was held in Maguire’s. Athlone Beer Club developed from this small acorn. Soooo, sure it seems only right and proper that we’d repeat the process this year. We’ll use the hugely complicated system* devised by Andrew Brogan have a few beers and declare a winner. We’ll meet on the 27th of February at 9pm. I’d like us to meet start early enough if that’s possible as the place will be jumping with the Finyl Fridays lads spinning tunes later on. I’ll be creating an event on Facebook as usual so you can let me know there, here or on Twitter if you’re coming. It promises to be an epic night! Sláinte!

*it’s not that complicated, t’is only a bit of craic!

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