Drinking Other People’s Homebrew: Part Two


Picking up where I left off yesterday, I had a stash of home brews and said I’d do a few write ups on them. Roger Rotheroe gave me a Sour which had currants added after a month and that was followed by oak which had been soaked in Cabernet Sauvignon for a week. I thought it was fitting to drink it from a large wine glass. The fruit and oak really came through on the nose, giving it an almost whiskey like aroma. It tasted warm and rich, like a barn brack fresh from the oven and it had a dry finish. Fantastic beer, it recently came third in the UK National Homebrew Competition. Roger has a habit of winning all around him in brewing competitions!


Shane Smith is another man who likes his sours. His Rasberry Turbo went down a treat with anyone who tasted it at the Midlands Craft Beer Festival and he kindly gave me a bottle to take home. I badgered my non beer drinking wife until she relented and had a couple of sips. She even admitted it smelled amazing and had a lovely aftertaste. I don’t make a habit of forcing my better half to drink beer but I made an exception! It’s fruity and a little tart. It’s a very pleasant sipper but I think a 330ml bottle would work better. Not that I’m complaining mind! Tomorrow, it’s Sean Colohan’s turn as he gave me a variety pack. Sláinte!

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