Opposite ends of the dark spectrum


I like Weird Beard, they are not constrained by convention. The brilliantly named Dark Hopfler (ask your 80s music loving friends ) is a Dark ilk Ale. They brewed it from the second runnings of their Sakado Imperial Stout, which I haven’t had. They added lactose and a decent dose of hops which make this a bitter sweet brew. And at 2.5% you won’t get brewers droop. ( I may be showing off my knowledge of Dire Straits too much now! ) I found this one in Holland’s, Bray.


Founder’s Dark Penance is all the way at the other end of the strength scale clocking in at about 9%. It’s an Imperial Black IPA hopped all the way to 100 IBUs with Chinook and Centennial. The sweetness of the malt means that the bitterness doesn’t overtake the whole flavour. It’s a delightful, rich beer and you should take your time sipping it. I picked it up in McCambridge’s, Galway, you have to travel a bit in the pursuit of fine beers… Sláinte!

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  1. Both sounds really good.

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