Who? What? Wheat? Where?


Right so, first things first:

Who: this is a collaboration between O’Brien’s and O Brother Brewing. Both are family businesses based in Bray. And both start with OB!

What: it’s an American Wheat IPA

Wheat: wheat is there to smooth out any of the harshness from the Hops. 

Where: it’s available from O’Brien’s stores and their website as well funnily enough.

O’Brien’s sent me down a sample to taste. Which was sound of them. I have to say it pours, well I’d expect it to be cloudy, but it’s dull and opaque and I had stored it upright and poured it gently and all that. I didn’t love the appearance of the beer. That aside, it tastes good. Possibly because this baby is hopped with Magnum, Perle, Summit, Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe, Ahtanum and Chinook. A veritable hop cocktail. Actually the further I get down the glass the more I like it. ( I’m writing this as I drink the beer, not something I normally do!)  It’s really fresh and nicely balanced, at 5.5% you could probably have two or three bottles. Tip on down to O’Brien’s and give it a lash. Sláinte!

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2 Responses to Who? What? Wheat? Where?

  1. Personally I think that beer looks beautiful. I get really board of seeing squeaky clean beers. The cloudy IPA is awesome especially the East Coast IPA’s coming out of the Eastern United States. No filtering means no flavour loss!

    • simonbroderick says:

      I used a ‘food’ filter on my picture, lol, I guess you’d be part of the ‘fuck clear beer’ brigade so! I’m fairly open minded on the subject normally…in this case the taste compensated for the appearance!

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