Caribou raises the bar in Galway! 

The Twitterati are all aflutter about the recently opened hip new bar in Galway city; Caribou. I felt duty bound to stick my head in for a look. 

This…greeted me on the bar. And Shane behind the bar had a warm greeting for me too. I only had time for a small one so I made it a good one! 

There’s a nice atmosphere in the place and there was some convivial chat had. It does need to get a bit of roughing up to give it a bit more of a lived in vibe but it’s not quite open a fortnight yet so we’ll give it a chance! 

There is another bar at the back with a few more great beers pouring. But if you’re very clever you can make your selection from this back-lit menu. 

I’m not sure why some of the listings are for the breweries and some are for the beers. Maybe they ran out of letters! But that’s probably me just being pedantic. Well worth a visit if you find yourself in the City of Tribes. Sláinte! 

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6 Responses to Caribou raises the bar in Galway! 

  1. The Beer Nut says:

    A shortage of 5s as well, since Lupuloid costs €upside-down-backwards-2, which is also the ABV of Yankee.

  2. so funny seeing the name Carabou and beer together. In western Canada there is a shitty fake craft brand called Caraboo Brewing. They make terrible beer competing with macro brands

  3. Whiskey Nut says:

    Took me over half a year to get into this bar.
    Glad I did.
    Craicin’ place.

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