Two of Kinnegar’s Special Brews. 

One of the things about having ‘a few’ bottles of beer around the place is that you occasionally forget that you have a particular brew. I picked up One For Ronan at some stage last year. Don’t ask me where. Anyway, I pulled it from fridge the other evening. They call it a Belgian Amber/Dark Saison and Untappd dubbed it a Dubbel. It’s definitely a beer. And it has that Belgian yeast thing. Pleasant sipper. 

A more up to date special from Kinnegar is Olan’s Tart. I picked it up in Drinkstore. It’s one of their Kettle Sours and they brewed it with fresh apple juice supplied by Olan from Dan Kelly’s. Now Olan is a pure gentleman and his wife is a lovely lady so I know they’re referring to an apple tart. Funnily enough the taste of this beer brought me back to my Nana’s kitchen when she was making apple tarts and I was chewing on the tart peel. I remember being warned not to eat too much in case I’d end up with a belly ache. The beer did not induce any such digestive problems. The other childhood memory that was evoked was apple sours, you know, the red and green sweets? I really enjoyed this beer. If you’re imagining a snake bite type of thing you’re way off. It’s waaaaay more sophisticated and grown up. Once I got past my childhood memories! If you want a second opinion check out Sarah Finney’s vlog.

So that’s where Kinnegar are at right now, but they are set for even bigger and better things. What they’re calling K2, a much larger brewing facility is in the works up in Letterkenny. Demand for Kinnegar’s beers has been outstripping supply for some time now and this should rectify that. The best of luck to all the Kinnegar crew. Sláinte! 

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