Santa says… you really should get these as presents! 

It’s the start of December and so it’s probably ok to mention Christmas now. If, like many others, you haven’t bought a thing yet here are a few ideas for you:Kate O’Driscoll makes amazing truffles that go really well with beer. She even does some with beer in them. The Salted Caramel variety get two thumbs up from me. You’ll find her on Twitter Kate O’D and Instagram here! 

Beer Hampers are always a good shout too and The Beer Club has a number of options, some even feature the aforementioned tasty truffles. They also have monthly subscription options if you want to give the gift that keeps on giving! Check them out here: The Beer Club

Another idea is a brewery tour. I happen to know of one that, eh, is hosted by me! You can buy gift vouchers and let the recipient choose a date for themselves…Rye River Gift Voucher.

 …and if you’re unfortunate enough to know a complete beer snob who claims to have seen it all before you might have to bring out the big guns! 

YellowBelly are offering the chance to get exclusive beers every three months, a brew day with the infamous Dec Nixon, a barbecue, a t shirt and loads of other treats. Sign up that lucky person: here!  

Hopefully that will have provided some inspiration, enjoy the festive season, sláinte! 

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