Dry January or Tryanuary? Here’s a place you can do both!

Dry January is a relatively modern phenomenon in which folk swear off the demon drink in an attempt to undo some of the damage they have inflicted upon their body temples over the Christmas party season. I’m not into it myself.

Tryanuary started in 2015 and it aims to encourage people to get out and try new beers in different pubs. In a fairly quiet time of year I’m sure the hospitality sector welcomes any new custom.

I was reading The Times (Ireland Edition) on the 4th of January and I spotted an article on High Nelly, a coffee shop, bar, bicycle shop and museum. And I wasn’t going to be very far away from it.

I know that you’re thinking this place would be pure hipsterville, and maybe if it was in a big city or in somewhere like Portland, Oregon, it would be. But they don’t do hipster stuff in Pallasgreen. Our welcome was genuine and warm and the place was, dare I say it; quaint.

You can get de-alcholised wine and cheese if you’re ‘doing’ Dry January. They also do a tasty home made soup and offer a range of sandwiches and cakes. The house draught Lager is brewed locally by Treaty City.

So I went with that, a very enjoyable crisp, fresh pint it was too. All the more so because of the tap with handlebars!

So, if you fancy trying somewhere new or you’re in the market for a bike you should pay a visit to High Nelly. Even if you’re not into Tryanuary or Dry January… Sláinte!

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