Pils’n’Thrills and (no) Bellyaches!

It’s the Irish Summer, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, you can’t go to the pub and you have a woeful thirst. In my last blog I told you about some great places you can order craft beer online but here are some easy drinking, wallet friendly options too.

Manislav must be one of the lads who works in Dundalk’s Pearse Lyons Brewery. It’s a 5% Czech style Pilsner that you’ll find in Tesco. And it is hard to distinguish from the actual Czech brewed beers in it’s green bottle!

The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Lager is another 5% Pilsner brewed in Celbridge by Rye River Brewing Company (my employer!). This is to be found exclusively in Lidl. It has picked up a few awards along the way and is a favourite of my brewing colleagues.

Rheinbacher Premium Pilsner is available in Aldi. It’s 4.9% and ‘brewed in accordance with the German purity law’ apparently. This is the only one of the trio that’s actually brewed on the continent and it’s the cheapest of the bunch, probably because they’re brewing and selling vast quantities of it. That said, all three are less than two euro for 500mls. It comes highly recommended by such noted beer geeks as John ‘Beer Nut’ and Sean ‘Wide Street’. And they all make for damn fine drinking on a sunny afternoon. Czech, em out! (Apologies) Sláinte!

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  1. Brendan says:

    U look German

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