Putting Irish Beer on the map!

A new map of Irish breweries.

The ICBI with support from Bord Bia have just created a map of Irish breweries. This useful tool can be accessed by tourists and those of us who enjoy exploring our own country.

Breweries who aren’t on the list can complete a fairly straightforward form to be added. Full disclosure: I added my employer Galway Bay Brewery to the list. And it was pretty painless.

Check it out on http://irishbeer.ie and let me know what you think. Sláinte!

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2 Responses to Putting Irish Beer on the map!

  1. Peter Trainor says:

    Guys! You left out Mescan in Westport! Belgian Red Triple! One of the top flight of Irish craft beers!…On the other hand I am gutted by Covid-19 in Waterford…I was all set for the Yellow Belly, Metalman and Dungarvan beer pilgrim way! sigh…I’m pretty sure there is another brewery in Mayo in Islandeady..West Mayo?

    • Simon says:

      The lads in Mescan can add themselves fairly easily, there is a link on the site. West Mayo are gone a few years now!

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