No Bull!


I was recently lucky enough to get to pay a visit to the Bull & Castle Beerhall in Dublin. In a seamless transition from my most last post I began the evening with a beer from Trouble Brewing. They have a seasonal special called Pumpkin Brew on draft which unsurprisingly enough has real pumpkin in it! The pumpkin is enhanced by the hints of ginger and nutmeg. I found it sweet but not sickly, a very enjoyable pint.


The excellent bar man recommended Waterford brewery Metalman’s Moonbeam which was on cask for my next tipple. It’s a dark beer with Nugget and Pacific Gem hops. They were not overpowering and overall I found it quite a smooth beer.


Last but by no means least I had a Founder’s All Day IPA. I have read several rave reviews about this beer from Michigan and they weren’t wrong. My friend the digital marketing expert put it very well when he described it: ‘refreshing like an ice tea, some peach and citrus’, of course it being an IPA there were some hops for good measure! I hadn’t been in the Bull & Castle in years and I have to say it’s definitely worth revisiting!

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