The Founders come to the Midlands! (Part the first)


I was very excited when I heard the news that Founders beers were now available in Athlone. I had the pleasure of having my first of these on a recent visit to the Bull & Castle Beerhall in Dublin. You can read about it here:


Tonight I had their dry hopped Pale Ale. It’s an orange/amber colour. The cascade hops are to the fore but there are also some toffee malt flavours. It’s very pleasant but I’m afraid it doesn’t quite measure up to the awesomeness of their All Day IPA. Grab a few in O’Brien’s or wherever you can and decide for yourself.

On a somewhat related note, the point of this blog is to share information about good quality beer, I was reading this article earlier and it certainly provides some food for thought. You can read it here if you wish:


Tomorrow evening I will be sampling the Founders Centennial IPA.

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