The World’s Best Ale or Tom cat’s pee?


Robinson’s Old Tom Strong Ale bears the legend ‘The World’s Best Ale’ on the label. To be fair they did earn that accolade at the 2009 World Beer Awards. But as the old saying goes; ‘Doctors differ and patients die’! I had it with some pulled pork. Note to self, in future check the ABV before supping with food. You can learn from my misstep and enjoy this one on it’s own. The beer pours a deep dark brown. When you hold it up to the light it has a ruby hue. The smell and first tastes are predominately fruity. The Goldings hops temper the sweetness of the chocolatey malts nicely. The verdict? Definitely not Tom Cat’s Pee but I would not go as far as the world’s best, instead suffice to say it’s a very good ale indeed!

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