Here’s one to start with!


My wife has reminded me that most people do not start off drinking obscure micro brewed beers and double IPAs. Up until about 15 years ago there was no ‘craft beer movement’ in Ireland. Or if there was I certainly didn’t know about it. In the last couple of years though the amount of breweries in this country is after growing exponentially. Now you can expect a greater choice of beers in pubs and off licenses, even in the Midlands!
Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a good beer to try if you would like to have something different but not dive in at the deep end. It’s a well made lager which is a beautiful golden amber. It has slightly toffeeish malt and some crisp hops. It’s very easy to drink! So if you normally drink Bud or something similar maybe try a bottle of this for a change!
(Brewed by Shepherd Neame in the UK, but if you have to get someone else to brew your beer you could do a lot worse!)

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