German Cork mash up!


I like nothing more on my day of than traipsing around the aisles of a huge supermarket! The only occasional light at the end of the tunnel is when you find an unexpected beer on the shelves. Today I picked up Franciscan Well’s Friar Weisse. (All about the German/German style beers this week!) I have had this on draft in the rebel capital before and found it a little sweet. I have to say I found this bottle a pleasant surprise. They may have tweaked the recipe a little. The cloves and citrus mean that the banana sweetness isn’t overpowering. There is a handy diagram on the bottle:

It also mentioned their independent spirit which is funny coming from a company owned by Mega corporation Molson Coors but I’m feeling magnanimous today so I will let them off! So if you find yourself lost in the supermarket see if you can’t find one of these along the way!

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