This one time at Beer Camp…


Renowned Chico brewery Sierra Nevada have a competition where you can go to Beer Camp and make new experimental brews. Kind of like concept cars only for beer. That’s my understanding of the whole thing anyway! I’d imagine getting picked for a spot would be tough to say the least…
I picked up two of this years Beer Camp brews. Firstly I tried their Belgian Style Black IPA. It isn’t quite black as night there is a hint of ruby red in there. It had a big tan head but I did pour it fairly lively, the head settled down pretty quickly. There was a hint of licorice and some maltiness which over shadows the hops. It’s sweeter than most IPAs I’ve had but that adds to the uniqueness of this beer.

Next up was the Imperial Red Ale. It doesn’t have as much of a head. It’s a wonderful deep red colour. It has a malty flavour with some fruitiness. A very good beer but the Black IPA is the better of the two.

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