New Kids On The Block: Independent Brewing Company


Galway’s Independent Brewing Company is a relative newcomer to the Irish craft beer scene. I don’t know how I haven’t had their beers until now, so many beers, so little time!  The Gold Ale won a silver medal in this years Dublin Beer Cup. It’s bright gold and has a decent head. It’s light and clean enough to make a refreshing summer beer. A good gateway or introductory craft beer.


I’m really starting to appreciate Red and Amber ales more at the moment so I have to say I enjoyed this Red Ale. It’s an Irish Red but I thought I could detect American influences. Sure enough the hops are from America and New Zealand with Magnum, Pacific Gem and Williamette working very well together. Of the two this is the one I’d really highly recommend. I picked up these in McCambridge’s in Galway. 

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