Big hair, BIG BEER


In the eighties I thought Def Leppard were pretty good. I was eight or nine when Hysteria came out so my critical facilities weren’t quite as sharp as they are now. It was another five or six years before I even heard The Smiths. Still though, they don’t make videos like that anymore…
Joe Elliott of Def Leppard fame put his name to Louder, an American style barley wine from the Porterhouse. They threw all of the malt they had into it including Pale, Wheat, Crystal, Chocolate and Black so it’s pretty sweet. The hops: Galena, Nugget and East Kent Goldings are hidden somewhere in the mix. It has a serious kick, you’re well aware that you’re drinking an 11% beer. It’s not bad at all but one of them is more than enough.

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