Beoir is the new rock’n’roll: Post No. 200


In March of this year an interpid band of Beoir members made the journey to Black’s Brewery in Kinsale. As a reward for raising start up funds for the brewery they were invited down to make their own brew and Beoir #1 is that beer.
As you would probably expect from a load of beer fiends the end result was a double or imperial IPA which came in at 9%. The first thing that hits you is the fresh grapefruitty, piney smell. As the beer warmed up I was able to get more caramelly, toffeeish flavours. The booziness is very well disguised. An outstanding beer. I have to thank fellow blogger The Irish Beer Snob who gave me this bottle, because you can’t buy it!
I spent most of the evening yesterday listening to the Led Zeppelin reissues. Rock and roll at it’s best with fine beer, that’s what life is all about.
This is my two hundreth blog, thank you all for (keeping) reading! 

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