Athlone Beer Club Goes On Tour- Who’s Coming?


Athlone Beer Club has been going strong since February and I thought we could mix it up a bit for the Summer months. I have two proposals for all of you Midlands Beer Fans.

1) A trip to a very fine localish Gastropub where we will indulge in some beer and food pairings. I like the sound of that a lot myself! This will be in June.

2) Kinnegar Brewing have invited us up for a tour of their brewery and to the Tap Room at Rathmullen House afterwards. That sounds very fancy doesn’t it? This will be July the 25th.

Obviously transport will have to be arranged for both of these excursions so I need to get an idea of how many would be willing to travel. Also would you like to travel up to Donegal early in the day and return that evening or would an overnight be in order? ( edit- it’s a three and a half hour drive so it’s hardly a day return trip!) The majority will rule here. In order to let me know you can comment on this blog post or on the Facebook or even the Twitter! If you have any questions just ask. Thank you all, I’m really looking forward to these!

( I obviously copied the above image from the internet, if anyone wants to draw me a better picture feel free!)

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  1. Hey guys could a Slignian join in the Athlone beer club?

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