In which I have my first cider in a looong time!


Regular readers will be aware that my wife, The Cider Correspondent likes her ciders a little on the sweet side. When she picked up a pack of Highbank Orchards ciders she fell in love with the Driver’s Cider. I was very interested in the Proper Cider, guilty as I am of judging books by covers, it looked like a serious proposition. It’s a dry vintage cider and it’s 6%. It is made from their own organic apples in their orchard in County Kilkenny. The cider blasted away any residual reservations I had about fermented apple juice. This stuff is amazing and properly grown up too. I had it with a pork burger but you could drink it on it’s own or I suspect it would go very well with a good cheese board. Highly recommended. I’m now a cider convert!

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2 Responses to In which I have my first cider in a looong time!

  1. phirx says:

    Hey Simon I thought about you last night at M’Coul’s! Unfortunately no Irish craft beer but some good pints in an old country atmosphere nonetheless!

    • I don’t think Irish craft beer in general has the clout to be distributed Stateside just yet. Franciscan Well is or will be because it’s now owned by Molson Coors…and fair play to them! White Hag from Sligo is going to be heading as far as New York anyway ( I’m fairly sure) but I don’t know after that. Still at least you could console yourself with some rather nice IPAs!

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