What does Beer Day mean?


Yesterday was International Beer Day. It passed by largely unmarked in this country. I would say that Beer Day should be treated similarly to Valentine’s Day. You don’t tell the one you love about your feelings only once a year, do you?
Last night I paid a long overdue visit to Maguire’s. They have Founder’s Centennial IPA on tap at the moment, damn, that’s a great beer. I also had a Viven Porter. It’s a smoked porter and you know it the minute you raise the glass to your nose. Lovely roast flavours, it’s a beast of a beer.
If you wish to celebrate beer this weekend there are a few festivals in full swing. The Annascaul Beer Festival in Kerry is tiny but I really enjoyed it when I stumbled across it two years ago. Up in Donegal Dicey Riley’s are hosting the Wild Atlantic Craft Beer Festival. I was very impressed with Dicey Riley’s on last weeks flying visit. Don’t worry about the rain you won’t even notice it after a few beers!


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