Them English lads know how to make good ale!


A friend of mine picked me up a bottle of this in an English supermarket last week. He gave it to me saying that he wouldn’t normally be a fan of Marston’s beers but that this New World Pale Ale was pretty good at about £2. It’s got some Australian hops in the mix which make it pleasantly fruity. Enjoy it while there’s still a chance of an Indian Summer. ( just nip across the border and pick up a bottle! )
This reminded me of a question posed at the most recent Athlone Beer Club meet up. Would you rather drink a craft/micro beer that the brewer had made with his own blood, sweat and tears (figuratively speaking! ) or a slightly better tasting beer produced by a faceless macro corporation (if such a beer exists) ? Does it matter to you?

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    The better tasting one, every time. Passion has no flavour.

  2. simon682 says:

    In the late seventies there was a pub in Stoke that did a pint of Marston’s that changed your view of beer, politics and which of the barmaids had the comeliest smile. I never travelled to Stoke just for the sake of the beer but there were times when I wouldn’t have gone if a pint wasn’t part of the deal. Of course there have been some takeovers since then.

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