It’s a transatlantic trio of beers!


Evil Twin’s Low Life Pilsner is grassy, golden and great.


I’ve read that there are a few emerging breweries around Barcelona so when I spotted this one on the shelf in McCambridge’s, Galway I couldn’t leave it there.


Barcino Gotic Ale is a pleasant hoppy ale and it’s probably a bit darker than you’d expect from sunny Spain after spending a holiday in the distant past drinking Estrella Damn. It could be time for another trip to Barcelona.


Belgian’s St Feuillien and Green Flash from the USA came together to bring the world Belgian Coast IPA. This is actually what I was hoping for from the Magic Stone Dog in yesterday’s post.  It’s properly hoppy and I liked the light fruitiness as well. Thanks to Tadhg from Thomas Woodberry’s on Galway’s Middle Street for this one. It was my first visit to the shop and it certainly won’t be my last. (Edit/Note they don’t actually sell beer, just wine, apologies for the confusion!) Sláinte!

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  1. Reblogged this on athenaminerva7 and commented:
    I’ve had a couple of evil twin but not many. thanks for the review.

  2. Plenty of good drinking to be done in Barcelona these days…..

    Need to make the effort next time though to drink local…..

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