A pair of Stouts


Beavertown’s Holy Cowbell Hoppy Stout is what some would call a Black IPA. It comes in one of their distinctively decorated cans. I had one with my Valentine’s Day chocolate soufflĂ©. It’s hoppy on the nose alright but there were more malty and chocolate flavours as I drank it. Which meant it went very well with the dessert but when it says ‘hoppy’ in the name I expect a hop bomb! Putting my pedantry aside it is a very good beer.


I’d heard about the new stout by Black’s of Kinsale from Patrick McHugh who visited the brewery a couple of weeks ago. The Model T Stout arrived very quickly in Moate and so John Gilroy and I went in to Don’s Bar to share a bottle. The litre bottle with the flip top is very impressive. This is not a beer to be taken lightly. Now it’s not cheap. But as I discovered from a discussion with other brewers handbottling is very labour intensive and expensive. If you go to a farmers market you may find yourself paying more for an artisan produce so think of it like that or a bottle of wine as I said to John. The beer does not disappoint. It has a nice foamy head and the beer is inky black. It smells delicious, a little like a freshly baked chocolate cake. It tastes marvellously malty and has a smooth warm mouthfeel. There’s a touch of black coffee but not too much. Highly recommended. SlĂ inte!

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