Drinking Other People’s Homebrew


I love it when I am given new beers to try. Luckily I just happen to know some of the best brewers in the country! This week I got stuck into a few samples. Midlands Brewers met up in Liam Tutty’s garage during the summer. That sounds a bit clandestine, but I am assured nothing untoward went on. Liam, along with Brendan Sewell, Reuben Gray, Padraic Hussey, Sean Kelly and Steve Johnson brewed a double IPA. They used the Home Brew Company’s all grain kit which featured Maris Otter and Crystal Malt and Zeus and Nugget hops. Padraic brought some Galaxy hops which they used for dry hopping, instead of the Centennial that came with the kit. Liam kept dry hopping for three days after the initial boil. The end result smelled amazing. It’s as good an IPA as I’ve had, right up there with the likes of Of Foam and Fury. I’ll tell you how great it was. When I had finished the first bottle I went straight to the fridge for another. And I only had two bottles!
I had the beer with some cider vinegar cashews from the Snacktastic Food Company and some Mature Cheddar from The Cheese Hub. The nuts smelled and tasted delicious and went really well with the mature cheddar and beer combination. I will give you the low down on a few other home brews over the next couple of days. Sl√°inte!

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